ADH Hairdresser Stylist


Aldo’s know-how, it’s 30 years experience
Afro and Caucasian

Aldo-Dimitri works on all kind of hairs, from African to Caucasian hairs.


With 30 years experience, Aldo-Dimitri can carry out creative, artistic and unique hair cuts for all women.


Thanks to his origins, Aldo-Dimitri has a huge cultural heritage that brings a great quality in his work on all kind of hairs.

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30 years experience

His 30 years experience enabled him to carry out all kind of hairstyles and to work with famous fashion actors. He is recognized for his qualitative and relentless work of which the finishing is undisputable. The goal is to deliver the best performances possible.

  • Quality
  • Finishing
  • Technique

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